Six Nations Ventures

Donation Policy

Six Nations Ventures, Donation Policy as of January 1st., 2019

• Annual amount to each Shareholder is $20,000 (may vary from year to year depending on economy and profit margin)

• Maximum amount for donations for any one community event that would benefit the majority of, or all of community is $4,000 (IE, rodeos, West Mo days, Pemmican days etc.)

• For sporting events, elders, children etc., the maximum amount for any event involving three or more First Nations in the event, is $1,000. Must have 3 First Nations or more on team to qualify.

• In tournaments, if 3 or more community members are participating from an individual shareholder community, however there is more than one community with 3 or more community members participating in that tournament, then $2,000 from each participating shareholder community will be added for that tournament.

• Once a year, a donation of $5,000 can be made for some permanent community structure, such as skating rink etc.

• No donation given to individuals. Exception is funerals, wherein it goes to the one person that is responsible for funeral costs.

• Non Shareholders can request a donation as long as three or more individuals from Shareholder communities is in the event.

• SNV Donation Policy is not to carry over of donations if any Shareholders does not request their entire annual donations quota of $20,000 by December 31st of each year.

However, Lyle Mortenson will remind, more than once if necessary, the Band Manager and Chief and Council in November and December of each year to get all their donation requests in before December 31st, for any unclaimed funds for the year.

How to request donation:

Send an email to stating the following:

• Name of the event that you want sponsored

• Name of First Nations participants in the event and preferably their names

• Whether the event is one time or you want a donation for a season.

• What is name of team or event to make check out to. Will not make checks out to individuals excepting funerals.

• State amount of funds requested up to maximum amount allowed.

• Whether you will pick up check at Sander, Rose, Bone, Grindle (Behind Treaty Eight building) in Fort St. John or have it mailed and to what address.

Some suggested items that donations can be made:

• Trips, fire wood, snow removal for Elders or those in need

• Assist with education trips for youth

• Community events

• Assist with expenses to bring in a motivation type speaker

• Sporting events

• Sporting equipment for youth

• Funeral costs

Twin sisters

Twin Sisters in back ground, taken from top of Crane.